About the Publisher/Author of this Web Site

Jim Epperson is a "late middle-aged" mathematics editor with a life-long interest in the American Civil War. During the heyday of USENET, he was an active participant in the newsgroups alt.war.civil.usa and soc.history.war.us-civil-war, He is the author of one article published in the now-defunct magazine Columbiad, and one in Civil War Times Illustrated, and formerly served as Program Director for the Tennessee Valley Civil War Round Table. He has given Round Table talks at a number of CWRTs, including the St. Louis CWRT, the Cleveland CWRT, the Ann Arbor CWRT, Toledo CWRT, Cincinnati CWRT, Pensacola CWRT, Kalamazoo (MI) CWRT, Northern Illinois CWRT, Abraham Lincoln (Plymouth, MI) CWRT, Howell (MI) CWRT, Michigan Regimental (Farmington Hills) CWRT, the Israel Richardson (MI) CWRT and Ulster County (New York) CWRT, in addition to the Tennessee Valley CWRT. He also participates in numerous online discussion groups related to the Civil War. Jim maintains a total of three Civil War web sites:

He also serves as webmaster for the Ann Arbor CWRT.

Your input on these sites or any other matters pertaining to "the late unpleasantness" would be appreciated. Feel free to send email.


Jim lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan with his wife, two children, and two Border Collies.