Map of the Southside, September, 1864

This map is based on the one on page 234 of Richard Sommers's Richmond Redeemed, and shows the road network and state of the entrenchment lines in late September, 1864, at the time of the Peebles Farm battle. Because of the crowded nature of the map it was only possible to label the major roads.

The red lines show the Confederate works as of late September; the dark blue line shows the Union works. Note that the Yankees have been forced to build a second "reverse line" to protect their rear areas. Similar sets of works existed around City Point and at other detached strong points in the vicinity. Note also how the Federal engineers have tied this reverse line into Blackwater Creek. The notation "USMRR" refers to the "US Military Railroad," a functioning rail line which the Federals built behind their entrenchments to facilitate lateral moverment in that part of the lines that was devoid of good roads.

The red line enclosing Petersburg is the original Dimmock Line for the most part; the "tail" running off to the southwest covering the Boydton Plank Road is a new line, still being constructed. The detached line in front of it is the Squirrel Level Road Line, which was set up to cover the construction of the Boydton Line. During the Peebles Farm operation (also known as Grant's Fifth Offensive) the Union troops sallied forth from the Globe Tavern ("GT") vicinity, breached the Squirrel Level Road Line, and threatened but were unable to take the Boydton Line.