Map of the Rail Lines into Richmond and Petersburg

This map is based on Map 144 in the West Point Atlas of the Civil War, and shows the rail network connecting Richmond and Petersburg with the rest of the Confederacy.

This rail network was the target of two raids during the siege. In June, 1864, Union Brig. Gen. James H. Wilson led two cavalry divisions against the Southside line and the Richmond and Danville line. Extensive, but temporary, damage was done in the vicinity of Black and White Station and Burke Station, but the main objective of the raid, the Staunton River bridge on the Richmond and Danville line, was successfully defended by a scratch force of Confederate troops and local home guards. After being turned away, the Yankees attempted to return to their own lines via Christianville and Greensborough, but were nearly trapped at Stony Creek Station and Ream's Station before reaching the safety of their own lines, minus their wagons and artillery.

Even after the Yankees were able to make a permanent lodgement on the Weldon Railroad, in August, 1864, Lee was still able to use that vital artery, in part. Trains were run as far north as Stony Creek Station, and then the supplies were loaded onto wagons for a roundabout trip into Petersburg via the Boydton Plank Road.

In December, Maj. Gen. G.K. Warren led V Corps on a raid south along the Weldon Railroad. The objective was to destroy track and bridges as far south as Hicksford (slightly off-map to the south), thus lengthening the wagon route that Lee had to use. Although Warren was unable to destroy the vital Meherrin River bridge at Hicksford, he did do substantial damage to the Weldon line, exacerbating Lee's already precarious supply situation.