Map of the Peebles Farm Area

This map (based on the one on page 250 of Richard Sommers's Richmond Redeemed) shows the terrain and roads west of Globe Tavern and approaching the Petersburg lines. The fortifications are as of the Federal attack in September. The Federal lines are the dark blue in the southeast corner of the map. The main Petersburg lines are just on the north edge of the map. The Boydton line is shown leading to the southwest. In front of the Boydton line is the so-called "Squirrel Level Road line." This was a covering line of entrenchments whose purpose was really to serve as a "breakwater" should any Federal force advance against the Boydton line.

During the September fighting, a Federal force consisting of two divisions of V Corps and two divisions of IX Corps, supported by one division of II Corps attempted to breach the Boydton line and cut that vital artery into Petersburg. This led to a series of fights at Fort Archer, Peebles farm ("PbF"), Jones Farm ("JF"), Pegram's Farm ("PgF") and near where the Harman Road crosses the Boydton line. Although unable to crack the Boydton line, the Federals did take the Squirrel Level Road line and extended their lines into this area. The eventual final breakthrough of the Petersburg lines would be launched from ground taken in this operation. For a map that details that action of the siege, click here.

During the winter of 1864-65, the extensive woods seen here were almost entirely cut away, either to clear fields of fire in front of entrenchments, or for construction and firewood.